Flim Flam (Interlude)

Ey ey ey, watsup man I
I got these gold chains
Fourteen K, eighty dollars
Got, ey, ‚fore you say anything
I got ‚em off these white folks
In Buck Heaton, fourteen K
Man naw I don’t need no chains man
I no need naw, I’m I’m straight
Naw check them eighty dollars worth
Fourteen karat gold
Is what I’m trying to tell ya now
Look now look, check it out
Man what nigga
You tryin‘ to play me some fool or somethin‘?
Some shit I really don’t need
I said fourteen mothafuckin‘ K
White folks in bank hittin‘ Buck Heaton man
Go on man, go on, go on nigga
That’s a mothafuckin‘ pimp, nigga what’s up?
Man, holla at a nigga man, eighty dollars
For this fourteen karat gold chain man what it is
No man I ain’t got it
I’ll give you a sack, nigga, what’s up with that
I’ll give you a fuckin‘ sack
A sack? Nigga say beens
I want greens, bills, divideens
That’s what I’m talkin‘ ‚bout
Recognize eighty dollar, fourteen K
Man, get the hell on nigga
Alright, alright well just give me
Hold on man, don’t give me a sack man
I go, I’ll did go sell it to a nigga ‚bout 20 dollars then