Bamboo (Interlude)

[Big Boi]ready to set this bitch off?
[Big Boi]alright, you got to step, you got to step, get close to the mic
Okay put the headphones on
You gotta speak into the microphone
Say what you
[Big Boi]say something
[Big Boi]what, you…i thought you were gonna rap
–ill ra.. rap
[Big Boi]wait wait wait wait wait
You need to let, you need to let them know what your name is first, playa
–Washawant?(wat you want?)
[Big Boi]whats your name?
[Big Boi]whats your name?
[Big Boi]no you got to speak into the mic, cause you keep freezing up
[Big Boi]that right let them know
And what you coming here for in the booth to do?
[Big Boi]came to do what?
–coming to rap
[Big Boi]thats right, rap
And what you going to rap
–in the whole world
[Big Boi]alright that’s your, that’s your jam
Alright ready?
[Big Boi]sing it
–in the whole world nah nah nah nah nah
–get down bahp bahp bahp bahp badahp
–in the whole world naze padah bahp
–get down bahp bahp bahp bahp pahp pahp
[Big Boi]yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And what else you got to say
–ehh michael jackson
[Big Boi]michael jackson?
Not on my record we ain’t singin no damn michael jackson
Go ahead, ready?
Say it in the mic
–asaiah motha fuckas
[Big Boi]haha no I ain’t say to say that
That’s right lets do it baby
Ah, you did it
Gimme five boy
You hit the roof!