When I Look In Your Eyes

Well, alright

How y’all doing? Yes Ma’am!
Lookin‘ mighty fine.

I’ve been around the world,
Seen so many pretty girls.
But I still get overwhelmed,
When I look in your eyes.

Been from Maine to Spain,
But everything seems the same,
I only feel a change,
When I look in your eyes.

I know you’re upper class,
I know you’ve got pizzas.
Every man wanna kiss yo‘
And I do, too!

Sometimes, I’m just a clown,
And everybody puts me down.
I guess I’ll come around,
When I look in your eyes.

Tell me, what’s a man to do,
To get close to you.
I’m just a lonely fool,
When I look in your eyes.

Don’t tell me „no“ this time,
If you do, it’ll blow my mind.
Have you ever seen a grown man cry?
It’s an awful thing.

I guess it’s time to say goodbye,
But I’ve gotta give it one more try.
I’m only satisfied,
When I look in your eyes.

Oh please come home with me,
Oh don’t you wanna marry me?
I’m even goin‘ rub your feet when they stank (how can i)
How can I let you down,
I guess I’m always goin‘ be around.
I’m simply astounded,
When I look in your eyes.

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