Makes No Sense At All

Man y’all play too much
Now now Percival, don’t fret
We’re here to help you
I told you to bring good songs, what are you gonna do now?
Look at the keys, well, you gotta do something
Keep your eyes on the keys, here’s looking at you kid
Okay okay, well, make up something, yeah right
You won’t make sense, I don’t know lets try it
Here we go

Makes no sense at all [Repeat: x4]

ABC, 123, Do-re-mi, out of key
(you got that right)
Out of touch, out of tune, butter knife, tea spoon
(now what was that)
Razz-a-matazz, Thing-a-majig, whatchamacallit, bullshit
So and so, such and such (bullshit!) pretty much
(I think I’m gonna throw up)


1 and 1 makes 2, 2 and 2 makes 4, 4 and 4 makes 8 and 8 makes 16
16 and, 16 makes (32 Percival)
Makes no sense at all
Who needs lyrics anyway (You!)

How in the hell do we get ourselves in these situations? [Repeat: x8]

Hey! Hey little buddy where you going?
Come back man! We was just playing! Come on man!
See I pissed him off