Mighty O

Yeah (yeah) [Repeat: x4]
Yeah (hell yeah)


[Chorus: x2 Andre 3000]

[Andre 3000]
You ain’t a hater? Can’t tell
Either wish me well, go to hell or go to Yale
Study human behavior so that you know who the hell
You dealin‘ with ain’t nutty but the study goin‘ unveil
My relative in jail (Ha!) stay in engaged
TO whatever make money now he married to that cage
Divorce is not an option and prenuptial is void
Eat up what ever rapper but I’m tangled in my cord (hum)
Bored, kind of like a knight with the sword
Without dragon to battle so I’m running from a shadow
An impossible feat and I repeat [Repeat: x3]
The damsel’s in distress but they a mess
They only like my armor, and that I’m a performer
They read one magazine and wanna think that they gon‘ get warmer
They only getting colder hell, maybe I should throw
A double diamond party in the north pole
Invite all the writers and journalists
Even biters will tournament, to see who can be me
Better than me, he’s a permanent, smile on my face
Because you said you don’t like my style
But that’s OK just make sure you don’t touch that dial
And we’ll be cool, touch it and you’s a fool
Look, I’ll get you hooked, ya’ll crooks might even move
To Atlanta, Georgia, get a wife and daughter
Start a new life, and all that wrong you do you make it right
But hell, all a dream, I wear the crown, I’m king
Respect this mandatory, end of the story
Go fly a kite, category ain’t got none
You know I’m right

[Chorus: x2]

[Big Boi]
Congratulations I’m a play-er
I thought you were one too but now I hear you loud and clear
Subliminal, criminal minded niggas so be aware
Black dog broke out the pits and told yo` ass it’s bout to tear
In-timid for anyone filling out this application
And estimate is needed for your under estimation
I’m firing on the spot go back and check your calculation
Like a sniper in the bushes with that rifle I’ve been patiently
Waiting, now that’s a virtue
Cause pussy nigga, I’ll hurt you
Like the president’s approval rating by serving your ass with words fool
Slam yo` back to the curve bruh, like sanitation worker
Cause ya trash, I’m taking out the trash and all trash
Get mashed and compacted because it’s no longer valid
Go head recycle, repackage and put it back in my cabinet
Boy that’s germs, I’m fresh up out the store every time
That nigga that b-I-g, go hard every rhyme
Crowns all around I’m right after Martin Luther
No J R period senior cause bamboo is Antwone Junior
Dungeon Family and biologicals intact
Talk bad about the fam test diabolical attack
No gats or no raps, you get slapped about that
As a matter of fact, not fiction
Rumpelstiltskin you wack!
Decipher words just like the code of Da Vinci
Don’t go against me, (Hey)
I want you to go out there and kill them marks and come back, is you with me?
The worse thing since Crack/Cocaine distributing it to the poor
By the government, oh I meant, don’t nobody know
Conspiracy theory, you be the judge, nobody’s slow

[Chorus: x4]

We doing it!